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About us

Bluedashed is an initiative by three techies. We love computers, programming and technology. However, we saw a great need to include sustainability in this mix. So that’s what we did.

Our goal with this Bluedashed blog website is to inspire others. Sustainability is mostly seen as a hurdle to overcome. That’s weird, cause including sustainability in design and programming looks very easy to us. In most cases it actually has a great advantage on different levels.

Don’t worry. On you’ll read exactly what we mean. We regularly plan to post new content, either written by us or by co-workers and friends.

We try to do things differently. We want to inspire you, our readers. Change the world bit-by-bit and make your work a bit more sustainable.

Good luck!

We love to hear from our followers. So don’t hesitate to give feedback, share ideas or just say hi!


Peter, Tom and Gustav.