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Sustainable products: 12 eco-friendly Christmas gifts

sustainable christmas gifts

Give sustainable products as Christmas gifts this year. It’s a simple choice you have: normal or eco-friendly Christmas gifts? Don’t overthink it! Go for sustainable Christmas gifts this year. Why wouldn’t you?

It’s a small action that can already have a significant positive impact on the environment. Buy, for example, small solar panels, eco-friendly shoes or green beauty products, like a natural bar of soap. There really is nothing you can’t buy, because there is always an eco-friendly alternative.

Tip: sustainable products have the wonderful characteristic of being more comfortable or luxurious than whatever we’re used to. For example, a lovely natural soap with natural scents. Or a design item for someone’s home, which has a modern, unique style. Or Adidas sneakers that happen to be made of plastic bottles from the oceans but are also crazy comfortable.

By using sustainable products, you contribute to reduce your carbon footprint and you help to make the planet a little bit better place to live for animals and people, today and in the future.

metal straws
Klean Kanteen stainless steel straws

My favorite sustainable products Christmas gifts

Are you searching sustainable products as Christmas gifts this year? The list below will help you a lot!

1.     Stainless steel straw

The discussion about plastic, single-use straws is heating up. Many companies already announced to ban plastic straws, like Starbucks. Join this great movement and bring your own reusable straw. Order multiple straws and give them to everyone around you that uses straws. For example, the Klean Kanteen stainless steel straws, with silicon ends. Easy to clean and hygienic.

2.     Wooden toys

Many toys are made of plastics. Plastics are produced from oil, which is a non-renewable resource. Furthermore, plastics don’t really decompose and many plastics end up in oceans and nature.

Why not buy wooden toys? Wooden toys are beautiful and kids like them just the same. Also: wooden toys last a lifetime.

Tip: Buy toys from good, high quality brands. Even if they’re made of plastics, they last a lifetime. Like from Lego and Playmobil.

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3.     Eco-friendly toys

There are also a numerous number of brands that produce eco-friendly toys made of recycled plastics.

Search on for more inspiration on eco-friendly toys. Certain eco-friendly toys are not only harmless for the ecosystem, but also for your kid.

4.     Rothly’s shoes from recycled plastic bottles

Rothy’s produces eco-friendly shoes, made from recycled plastic bottles. The best thing is: these shoes look great and stylish. Rothy’s has shoes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and trends, form kids and women. They say they’ve already repurposed 27 million plastic bottles that were destined for landfills. By buying these shoes, you support these business models that actually make a significant difference.

Shop at Rothy’s

solid shampoo
Solid shampoo bar

5.     Solid shampoo bars

Soaps, shampoos and shower gels are a great Christmas gift. You give someone a wellness treatment with the perfect shampoo. But notice all the plastic shampoo bottles you have in your shower and bathroom cabinets. Isn’t there an eco-friendly way?

Yes, there is: a solid shampoo comes without a plastic bottle and works just as good as shampoo from a bottle. Spoil someone with a luxury solid shampoo bar, or a luxurious soap bar.

6.     Silicon baking mat

Do you know someone that likes to bake? Give them eco-friendly baking gifts, like a silicon baking mat.

This allows them to bake as much as they want, without using single-use parchment paper. The non-sticky baking mat works perfectly, perhaps even better than parchment paper.

Do you have your own website? Use a sustainable web hosting.

7.     Eco-friendly speaker

Small, portable speakers are a real useful gadget these days. People bring these small speakers everywhere and use them all the time. You can easily connect your smartphone, tablet or computer to these speakers for first class sound.

House of Marley produces an eco-friendly speaker. It’s a waterproof speaker. You use Bluetooth to connect your device with the speaker. The speaker is made from biodegradable and renewable resources. A true eco-friendly speaker and a great gift.

Shop at The House of Marley

house of marley speaker
House of Marley portable speaker

8.     A plant

A house is not a home without plants, flowers and nature, don’t you agree? Bring nature into someone’s home! Give them a beautiful plant, preferably in a pot made of eco-friendly materials. Don’t choose just any plants. Rather choose an air purifying plant that looks awesome.

Nowadays, plants are totally the interior home deco trend.

Tip: In case the other person has pets, make sure you buy a plant that is not poisonous to cats or dogs.

9.     Donate money to charity in the name of another person

Many charity organizations that have eco-friendly and sustainable causes, allow you to donate money in the name of someone else. Choose a charity that reflect the ideas or preference of the other person, like the WWF.

eco-friendly gift

10.  Give fair trade sustainable products

Sustainability goes beyond ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’. Social equality is also part of sustainable policies.

Fair trade products ensure that all levels of the production process are fairly compensated for their efforts. By buying fair trade sustainable products, you directly support poor people in for example Africa and South-America by buying their products, without a chain store or middle man taking the large part of the profit. Equality is about a fair share of the profits. Also check out refurbished products.

11.  Sustainable water bottle or thermo can

A way more sustainable way of living is of course to use a durable bottle instead of water bottles. Luckily you see it more and more: people carrying durable bottles. Or a thermo can for someone who likes takeaway coffee. A stylish bottle is a great gift for someone to bring along on a daily basis.

12.  Meat-free Christmas breakfast, lunch and diner

Ok, let’s be real. The food industry has evolved in favor of meatless alternatives. There are some excellent vegetarian meat options available to create a vegetarian (or perhaps even vegan) Christmas diner. Most meat-lovers won’t even notice the difference. Seriously. Buy some high-class vegetarian meat and give it a try.

Looking for more gifts? Check out our sustainable gift guide.