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The best sustainable web hosting

sustainable web hosting company

What are the best and most sustainable web hosting companies of 2020? Below you’ll read our favorite green web hostings.

Choosing a web hosting involves comparing web hosting based on different features, such as price, reputation, possibilities within the web hosting and customer support. However, it’s a mistake not to include sustainability in this list of requirements of a web hosting companies.

Sustainability in internet and technology companies should be a normality not an exception or rarity.

Our five best sustainable web hosting companies, are:

  1. GreenGeeks
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. DreamHost
  4. iPage
  5. HostPapa
eco-friendly web hosting

How eco-friendly are web hosting companies?

Let’s be honest: web hosting is not a very sustainable economic sector. It’s actually very energy intensive. A data center is basically a collection of high powered computers working full force 24/7. At the same time, a huge cooling system prevents the computers from overheating. Data centers are therefor enormous energy users and it’s difficult to make them sustainable.

However, there are some very sustainable web hosting companies, or at least companies that do a good effort in terms of sustainability. They don’t necessarily do things differently. They still have huge data centers that use an enormous amounts of energy, but they’ve changed the process with more eco-friendly solutions, like green energy, systems to reuse the produced heat and air filters.

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This won’t make web hosting companies green, but at least they are less polluting. It’s also a good intention, showing that the company in engaged with climate issues and is prepared to take responsibility, despite their main business being not so sustainable.

The prices of sustainable web hosting companies are mostly a little higher than average prices, but not shockingly high. For a company or person with a website, the price shouldn’t be an issue in choosing a sustainable web hosting.

How much energy does a website use?

Just for your imagination and understanding: An average website produces 4500 pounds of CO2 a year. This is equivalent to 10.000 miles driving with an average new car. Hosting a website has a clear negative effect on the environment, way more than you might think.

Top sustainable web hosting

These are our five favorite green web hosting companies.


1.    GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the best sustainable web hosting in the world today.

  • Powerful hosting
  • 300% every offset scheme
  • Limited hosting plans
  • #1 sustainable web hosting in the world
  • Dedicated to sustainable solutions

How is GreenGeeks a sustainable web hosting? They claim that for every amperage they use from the grid, they invest 3x that amount in renewable energy through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

GreenGeeks doesn’t have a great choice in hosting plans, but do have some great discount options, like a great discount when paying three years in advance.

A2 Hosting

2.    A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has great products with a sustainable web hosting touch.

  • They have been carbon-neutral since already 2007
  • However, expect prices higher than average
  • They don’t show off with their sustainability achievements, but show some great sustainability efforts.

A great thing to notice: A2 Hosting works actively with on promoting energy efficiency and reforestation. Also, in their office A2 Hosting aims to use sustainable solutions, like digital meetings, coffee mugs instead of disposable cups, etc.

A2 Hosting will not deliver basic products, but rather great functionality and power. Therefor, their prices are also a bit above average.

We can definitely recommend A2 Hosting for sustainable web hosting, trustworthy performance and great products.

3.    DreamHost

DreamHost is a big name in hosting, but also an environmental conscious web hosting company.

  • Energy saving solutions across the company
  • Money back guarantee
  • Not obviously green, but naturally

In general, many companies have an increasing interest in sustainability. Some use this as a selling point, grabbing sustainability issues as a strength to convince future clients. Other companies simple aim to be more sustainable and don’t find it necessary to use this as a marketing trick.

DreamHost is one of the latter. On the main page their sustainability approach is not mentioned. However, if you search a bit deeper you’ll find they do actually have a strong sustainable web hosting policy. Great!

DreamHost powers their data centers with energy from renewable sources. They’ve designed the cooling systems efficiently, for efficient use of resources. Also the offices of GreenHost are green and designed sustainably.

Despite their sustainability efforts, their prices are quite reasonable. Definitely worth checking it out.


4.    iPage

iPage offers good, green, sustainable web hosting products.

  • Great features
  • Prices are above average
  • 200% CO2 compensation

iPage clearly uses their sustainable web hosting goals as a selling point. Of course this is allowed, but more than a selling point sustainability should be normal. iPage uses a lot of sustainable claims on their website, but it’s not always clear what these really entail.

For example: iPage claims it has an energy efficient cooling system, but how much energy do they safe and how does this compare to their competitors?

Another big disappointment is their greatly used claim that they compensate their energy use for 200% by purchasing renewable energy certificates. However, we all know that green energy certificates are mainly paper solutions, not actual used and generated green energy. Or in other words: they buy paper certificates instead of real green energy.

iPage, you better use real green energy instead of certificates!

iPage web hosting prices are a bit higher than their competitors, but they do offer a wide range of packages.


5.    HostPapa

HostPapa is a pioneer in sustainable web hosting.

  • Socially engaged
  • Years of experience in eco-friendly web hosting
  • One of the first sustainable web hosting companies

HostPapa doesn’t give vague claims about their green ambition, but gives significant claims and promises. It’s pretty clear. They compensate their energy consumption by pumping a 100% equivalent amount of green energy back into the power grid. That’s a claim we understand. However, why don’t they directly use green energy for their processes?

Their prices are a bit higher than average, but they do offer a wide range of plans and options. Take a look yourself. Also read this article for more sustainable web hosting companies.

Which sustainable web hosting will you choose?

Not only web hosting providers are turning greener. Also the hardware providers that deliver the infrastructure are innovating in order to make internet and networking greener. For example, Dutch Aliter Networks refurbishes pre-owned Cisco Equipment like switches and routers and sells it after having done a large quality inspection.